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      The beginning of the war was driving the bloody oppressors away from the Latvian land. Because they did not manage to destroy the Latvian nation and sensing the final hours of their power, the Bolsheviks were wildly massacring victims - Central Prison prisoners - helpless, unresisting, miserable people.

Unearthing of corps in a yard of Riga Central Prison

      The layer of earth just couple feet thick was covering those prisoners shoot by Bolsheviks, who were lying there thrown each on the top of another in messy pails.

The earth returning victims


I n   a   c o m m o n   p i t.

      Many for whom their relatives were insistently and vainly searching and asking - many of them were in those pits, unable to tell their nation anything more.


B u t   t h e i r   b l o o  d   s p e a k s.

      And they tell much more than all the most terrible words together.

      Unearthed victims, after removal of their clothing and a washing, were attempted to be identified during a careful examination.

Always more and more victims (to the left).
Lines of corps in the yard of Riga Central Prison.

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