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Identification of corpses found in Biķernieki.

      Within all the nearest surroundings of Riga were found pits with shooting victims. In each of them were 10 - 30 corpses or more. In Biķernieki were discovered new graves, in Dreiliņi more in another.

      How many of such mass graves were hidden and still is hiding all unfortunate, befouled with severity Latvian land? The names of many who were found in the graves are not known, the destinies of countless others can not possibly be followed up even today.

The line of victims unearthed in Dreiliņi.


      With the beginning of the German - Soviet Union war the terror of the Bolsheviks got even stronger, getting to open murder. A terrible fate befouled Latvian soldiers in the most severe way: those who were considered politically unreliable were pensioned off from the service. When they were leaving the location of their army units, they were treacherously lured into a trap and fusillade.

Balvi rural district, Vilis Lapinš, an unknown soldier and Peteris Krauja murdered on June 29, 1941.
Shot soldiers found nearby Litene camp - from the left: E. Vilkājs, J. Pinka, V. Leja, V. Tumaševics, A. Tumaševics.


      An excerpt from the death sentence found of the murdered student Gedimins Frankevičs:

      «For the crimes committed by Frankevičs Gedimins, son of Sigismunds, because of their gravity and on the basis of Articles 19 - 58 -9 of the Penal Code of the RSFSR the highest measure of punishment - shooting - shall be imposed, and also the confiscation of all of his personal property.»

      This short text erased the life of a human and tear away from the nation a young and healthy branch.

      The body of Gedimins Frankevičs: the badly-deformed head proved what paths of ordeal the Latvian martyrs had to walk until the death released them from the torture.

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