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Corpses were freed from their clothing

      In twenty-three years the Bolshevism had not changed. The graves of buried victims disclosed the same picture as in 1919 during the first invasion of the Bolsheviks into Latvia.

Lines of murdered in Baltezers


      Latvians murdered at the Krustpils airport when the Bolsheviks were retreating.

      More and more new graves gave up their victims: unearthed martyrs at the Krusta church in Riga.


But during the time while the walls of cellars were deadening the moans of thousands of martyrs, when gunshots in the night erased multiple lives,

The mortal remains of shot Latvians after examination in Dreilini.

the men in power lived not badly at all. From the left: the members of the Supreme Council V. Lacis, party secretary. Spure and the president of puppet government professor Kirchenšteins during a Bolshevik celebration.

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