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All that was left from the vigorous power of many
lifetimes and lives sacrificed for the fatherland.

Corpsmen bringing a victim out of the pit.

Lines of corpses in the yard of Riga's Central Prison.


In the yard of the Central Prison

In this manner, on June 28, 1941, during the final hours of their power the Bolsheviks massacred the people locked up in the prisons.

relatives of the shot and missing looking for their family members among corpses in the yard of the Central Prison.


      To the left a document of sordid cynicism of Bolsheviks: a receipt about receiving people sentenced to the death issued to the administration of a prison by a KGB official with the following text: «Have received sixty two arrested people.» - As we can see the names of the people were not important, only the number. Those received by number also were shot by number.

      The actual scope of Bolshevistic murderers certify the terrible resolution on the list of arrested written with red ink by Commissar of Internal Security Šustins: «Considering the social dangerousness, to shoot all» (in the bottom)

      This decision of death erased lives of 78 people, who, as indicates the list on the top «were arrested for counterrevolution».
      Here are the basis for the death penalties of Latvians shot because of counterrevolutionary activities:
      «Sang Latvian folk songs.»
      «Did not sing The Internationale on May 1st.»
      «Was a descendant of wealthy farmers.»
      «Was utilizing labor force of others.»
      «Hid in the forest.»
      «During an air raid was in a cemetery.»
      «Was a member of corporation.»
      «Was a member of the Mazpulki organization.»
      «Was a National Guardsman.»
      «Was a policeman.»
      «Had been awarded the Lacplesis Order.»
      «Fought in the Latvian Army against Bolshevism.»
      «Was disposed to anti-Bolshevism.»
      «Ignored Red Army soldiers.»
      «Had defamed the Bolshevik Party.»
      «Was an adjutant of the State President of Latvia.»
      «Raised hostility against other nations.»

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