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The manager of an enterprise, a Yid, explaining to Latvian workers «the great meaning» of a plan and schedule Red corner in a Riga enterprise

      The walls of factories and enterprises were decorated with many mysterious schedules and plans. The Latvian worker was working, a Yid - the manager of an enterprise was watching that he fulfills the quota. When after work the bored and overtired worker, according to all the ideas of propaganda, was invited by ... the red corner, but certainly nobody went there. This place for glorifying Stalin and party became the butt of caustic remarks and cause for innumerable jokes.

      ... the same for the wall newspaper, the creation of which required much time and work, but which was read by the Yiddish censor only.

      The task of the wall newspaper was to promote division and treason - the most secure support for Yid and Bolshevik power, because the newspaper provided for the right to openly and sharply denounce «undesirable facts and persons» within the factory, enterprise or educational institution. There were people who used those rights.

Typical Bolshevik wall newspaper.


      Even from the very first days of their invasion Bolsheviks were revealing «the heights» of Soviet culture and by typical means made it to be understood, where it would also be brought - the «culturally undeveloped» country of the Latvians.

      Step by step, into Latvian life flooded the ways of the new Russian culture ...

      Top and bottom: Red Army public events in Riga parks. The dignity of soldiers of any other army would not have permitted such «cultural» leaps.
Center - a group of program performers in some countryside event.


      Certifying friendship with Soviet nations, Andrejs Upits, Vilis Lacis and Janis Niedre who were announced as prominent in Latvian literature, got dressed into Tadzhik dressing-gowns. This happened on days when thousands of best Latvian sons and daughters got driven away for banishment.

      The managers of this new « culture», of course, were the Yids, for example manager of Schools Administration Bergmanis and predecessor Grağmanis.

How deeply the Yiddish was intruded upon Latvians life certify the fact that even sports managers were almost all Yids.

Yid sportsmen during some Bolsheviks social gathering.


      Here are the witnesses of real Bolsheviks culture: the monument for the liberation of Latgale (sculptor K. Jansons) in Rezekne on the moment of its opening and - after the Bolsheviks arrival.

      A report by the manager of a school. Where was Bolshevism leading our young people, the Latvian people's one and only hope for the future?

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