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A mob stirred up by Bolsheviks is carrying a cross broken off in Rainis cemetery in Riga.

      «Do not trust in God, do not trust yourselves, trust neither good nor evil! Revolt against everything and against yourselves, derogate your holy of holies and yourselves and then you will acquire the happiness of equality (then you will become easy to manage and easy to enslave, therefore you will be similar to cattle because your spirit will be broken).» This was the secret idea of the Yids.

      And while it was tried to push over the Latvian nation the Bolshevistic cynicism, while people were hounded each to another, while church-goers were persecuted and the crosses broken off the gravestones - in the name of freedom of religion announced by Bolsheviks! - meanwhile the Yids were practicing their religious traditions uninterrupted, because this «freedom» did not apply to them: standing in lines they continued to demand their special meat in order to serve their terrible Yiddish God, who referring to Yids religious ritual demanded the blood of animals killed slowly and by torture.

Lines of Yids at special a butcher's shop in Riga.


      «The most democratic Constitution in the world» -Stalin's Constitution proclaimed the unlimited freedom of religion. Yet the Soviet Authority itself was organizing anti-religious exhibitions and museums. Soon after the arrival of the Bolsheviks all methods examined in a Soviet country were transferred also to Latvia, however without success: churches remained crowded.

Aina antireliģiozā skatē

      At the same time the justice awareness of the nation had to suffer a heavy blow, when People's Courts were organized, people without legal education and oftentimes without any education became judges: janitors, servants, workers, cabman ... What kind of decisions could they make? How many innocents did they sentence under the pressure of blind power and their own ignorance?

A scene in some sitting of peoples court


Yiddish instructor giving advice on agriculture to a Latvian peasant

      The entire ghastly year of Bolshevism was interwoven and stamped with absurdity and preposterousness. But in some cases those absurdities surpassed all imaginable limits.

      The Yids were the ones who (in demonstrations) were the first to demand land for the landless - a people which never had any relation with the land. The Yids also were those who, when receiving agriculture machines, were training Latvian land-tillers how to use them (right). The cynicism and derision which was thrown in the face of Latvian peasant was not possible to be surpassed.

      The success of those Yiddish instructors was the as absurd and obscure as all the Bolshevistic system: an instructor taught how to raise the field while it was not harrowed. Springs were broken off the machine ...


      Already on July 10, 1940 the newspapers were announcing that «6 Yiddish citizens... desire to acquire a land plot» for the foundation of the first collective farm. When among peasants a significant worry occur, the party boss Spure announced in the press, that nobody had even thought about collective farms yet ...

      Collective farms will not be! What a consolation with that was addressed to the already suspicious peasant, that he does not hide the seed material, does not delay the sowing of the fields? But the peasant did not believe, therefore he was not disappointed: in spite of all promises, in the Spring of 1941, without the least shame, the Soviet Authority founded the first collective farm. Soviet collective farms already existed, and those were followed by agricultural associations. All available means possible were used in the rush to lead the Latvian agriculture to that level which it had achieved in Soviet country in 1923.

      The most terrible job for the impoverishment of Latvian nation started. Only the physical destruction of the people was left for the future. For this the outrageous aggressors had prepared very carefully...

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