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Typical Bolsheviks marching with pictures of government officials, posters and slogans.

What did need the Soviets human brought to the status of an animal, that always before his eyes there is a picture of his master and whipper, and this was brought to Latvian soil also.

Neither the countryside nor the villages were protected from demonstrations (center). The purposes of the Yids, which are pretty obviously symbolized by the picture to the left, first of all apply to the subordination of the largest mass of the nation to the influence of their misleading and false ideas. For the achievement of this goal their propagandizing reached the limits of an unbelievable exaggeration: in the front of the demonstrations special dance groups were going, but ...


Election bus.

      ... street decorations were arranged for every important occasion for Bolshevik celebrations. For the election campaign various means of transportation were mobilized: beginning with trams and ending with buses. Covered with posters and slogans they ran down the streets followed by the chants of special screamers groups inviting to elect, elect (even though it was not possible to abstain) and to elect ... from the people «the best sons and daughters for the struggle for light and a bright future.»

      And the buildings of institutions and Bolshevik organizations were covered with more and new posters therefore turning the clean Latvian streets into a mess of Yid-like diversity of colors. incomparably more funds and work were spent for propagandizing than for the entire cultural life in total. These are the statistics.

A decoration in Riga on the Brivibas Boulevard bridge.
The beautiful facade of the Latvian Society (Red Army) building in Riga disfigured by posters.


      Bolshevik agitators, like their spies, pushed into every group of people, reached the farthest corner of the country.

      Along with ordinary mass and people's meetings, factory workers and business employees' meetings were organized at their workplaces, where Bolshevik agitators were proclaiming «the true ideal of Marx - Engels - Lenin - Stalin». the attitude of the workers is reflected in their gloomy faces.

Skiers on propagandizing trip for the elections.

      Somewhere special groups were organized for the purpose to make happy with new dogma those corners still «left in fascistic darkness».


      The Yids organized and managed the radio communications with Moscow. It was desired in this way to demonstrate the authority of the Bolsheviks technique and their «care and unlimited opportunities for the increasing of the welfare of workers». At the same time, in order to increase Bolshevistic production the Latvian workers, encouraged with beautiful words, were forced to sign socialistic competition agreements one after another.

The quantity of production was important but the quality was not. This was required by the plan and schedule. Even though the product was worthless the quota was fulfilled.

Workers at an enterprise signing up for joining a socialistic competition.

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