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      Subjected to Bolshevism by force, the Latvian people were compelled to assume also «the execution of a proud obligation against its wide fatherland, the Soviet Union»- it was decided that the Latvian young people were to become red soldiers. Offices for the registration of draftees were decorated with a lying poster: «We stand for peace, but we will know how to respond to the blows of warmongers.»

A red army soldiers draftee registration point decorated in a variety of colors.

      At the same time Bolshevik agents were trying to explain to the draftees how dangerous it was for the Soviet Union to be surrounded by capitalists (below). There had been a time when the Baltic states with no means «were endangering» its borders. And it was not a secret to anybody that while speaking of peace the Soviet Union was secretly preparing for war. With the Baltic states it had acquired convenient starting positions to attack Germany, now,- what a fateful game!- it is the turn for Latvian young men to deliver their lives into the hands of the hated Bolshevik aggressors.

A political education lesson for draftees.


Children's entertainment in the hall of the Pioneers' Palace.

      Special attention was paid to the Latvian young people: they must be raised to become «real Bolsheviks». Pioneers Groups were founded, Mopra - Red Assistance was legalized and the Komsomol organization, which must gradually provide new candidates for the Bolshevik Party, was organized.

      A stressful situation occurred in the schools- if any of the children was not a member of the Pioneers Organization, then his/her parents were considered by Bolshevik teachers to be harmful for the socialistic country. And any saboteur is dangerous and must be punished. This made many to suppress their opinions and with squeezed teeth watch how their children fell into the claws of the messengers of the «new» culture.

      The Riga Palace was transformed into the Pioneers Palace. And while children in their juvenile naivete were involved in childish entertainment, their fathers disappeared from workplaces, from homes - and became missing. And the dark hallways of the KGB and the locked doors of cells were keeping silent, KGB officials were silent and the guards were silent - and also those few who by some miracle were allowed to return from the KGB to life were silent also.

The hallway of the KGB prison.


      The Bolsheviks were throwing all their skill at propagandizing and all their efforts into endless demonstrations, screaming slogans and posters. The variety of their colors, hyperbolic correlation and dimensions, loudness created artificially and by forced ways needed from one side to cover that deep indignation, anger of despair and choking hate which was smoldering within the people, from the other side - to cover up their own outrageousness and cruelty which were braking out from every order of the Bolsheviks or any command of the Party. The zenith in this matter was reached on the May 1st celebration in Riga.

May 1, 1941 diversity of colors.

      A human exhausted by endless demonstrations becomes apathetic, overstrained by long work hours of socialistic competition he becomes insensible to the outside world... In this manner Bolshevism was reaching up for the spirit of the people in order to strangle it.


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