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Home propagandizing.

      January 12, 1941 was coming - the day when Latvians once again were forced to do things against which their will revolted - the day of the election of deputies of the Supreme Council of the USSR.

      In addition to the already existing types the Bolsheviks created one more new kind of propagandizing, the so-called «home propagandizing».

A scene in one of the election meetings for the Supreme Council elections

      Their agents visited individual apartments, called into them all the people living in a building, to whom they then started to explain the meaning of the elections. It is not necessary to guess that the Yids were diligent visitors at those meetings.

      And in places where such a manner of propagandizing was not possible it was replaced with meetings within factories and workplaces where frequently there appeared even only women and children.


      Elections, typically one of the Bolsheviks' villainous ways for the falsification of the true will and feelings of the people, were arranged with extra special care in this case: everyone had to examine in advance whether their name was entered into the voters list (left) even though it was known that not to vote was impossible. One who did not have a note in the passport for participation in elections was subjecting him or herself to the danger of being branded a saboteur.

      And as usual, always the Yids and again the Yids were at the forefront.

      On January 8, 1941 newspaper "Cîòa" wrote: "One who wishes for the Latvian people(!) the happiness of a peaceful life, the joy of creative work, confidence for his/her own and the family's security and the welfare of the entire nation, will vote for the Bolshevik Party- for the candidates of the Communists and the Neutral Block." But other candidates did not exist and to refuse to vote was impossible, so the result was clear.

      Unclear was the matter of how in such a manner the Latvian people would be able to ensure, at the least, security for themselves and their families. It was revealed in the future...

One of the truly voluntary voters casting his vote.


Only few months passed and the masks of hypocrisy began to fall - behind those the cruel, cynical and bloodthirsty face of Bolshevism appeared. There was no longer the necessity to hide it - everything one can do with a live body was accomplished: - the nation was disarmed, morally humiliated, blindly subordinated to the Authority; now was the time to start preliminary works for its destruction. The will of the people was falsified: workers were «demanding death» for their countrymen, the so-called murderers of June 17 - police officials who in the execution of their official duties had taken charge of the streets during the arrival of the Bolsheviks!
Regardless of whether workers expressed «their desire» by joining a socialistic competition or volunteer for performing some job at shock speed or also «unanimously decided» to demand the highest degree of punishment for the «bloodthirsty dogs»- everywhere the same thing was repeated: a party or trade union representative with a previously-drafted resolution appeared, read it at a workers' meeting and asked, who is against it?
People who during this half-year had seen their relatives and acquaintances being arrested for the smallest suspicions were glumly keeping silent. And it meat: «adopted unanimously».
It is terrible to murder, but it is even more terrible for a people against its desire to push a knife into a hand for killing their countrymen. The Bolsheviks did this. Their sadism reached a peak where there is nothing more villainous, their means and manners for the falsification of the people's will reached such a level of atrocity that no power in heaven or on earth will ever be able to forgive or forget.

A scene in a workers' meeting.



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