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"The Ghastly Year"

shows Bolshevism the way it really was: hidden under deceit and lies, filled with the mercilessness of a witch, hungry for anguish and blood, hungry for the moans of martyrs, immeasurable in vengeance and calamity, inconceivable in depravity, derision for mind and honor, blasphemy for virtue - a sign for all of this which was achieved by mankind through many thousands of years of labor and struggle.


tells of the horror and misery which in 1940 and 1941 once more befall the Latvian people, which from time immemorial is standing guard for Europe against the East, over which, ever subsiding, during the passing of the Ages was lashed by the waves of the attacks of Tartar hordes, sores from the curse of the Black Plague, even the killing charcoal fumes of Bolshevism coming from that fire made for the burning of the entire world and who by its unshakable faith is responsible for the greatest danger and the greatest misfortunes: «We must rise from this land, we must hold our heads up again!»

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