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      As the German army drew closer to Riga the terror of Bolsheviks became indescribable.

      Announcements on the streets were offering information about arrests. When later the graves of shooting victims were opened, it appears that among those murdered was not even a single Yid.

      Even while retreating in haste from Liepāja, the Bolsheviks were able to massacre their prisoners.

      A scene in the cellar of the Liepāja Militia.
      All three shoot - kinsfolk of one family. Their «crime» - at the front of their apartment a piece of white cloth was found. Justification for the death penalty: they were giving signals to the German army.


Yesterday and today for counterrevolutionary activity - organizations of acts of diversion, terror, giving signals to the enemy etc. several persons have been arrested, among them Miervaldis Lūkins, son of Jānis, Nikolajs Rainics, son of Georgs, Heinrichs Neibergs, son of Jānis, Matvejs Kuzņecovs, son of Nikolajs, Jāzeps Kagans, son of Abrāms, Arnolds Čuibe, son of Jānis and others.

      For all those arrested the death penalty by shooting has been imposed and the decision was executed.

      So it will be done to anyone who in any manner will attempt to support the enemy and to betray their Fatherland.

      I invite the working people of the City of Riga to be helpful in discovering ill-disposed elements.

The Chairman of Riga Garrison
Lieutenant-General SAFRONOVS.

June 27, 1941


      A pile of corpses in a room in the cellar of Liepaja Militia, where a hand grenade was thrown in first, and then those who remained alive were shot.


One more time the cellar of the Liepāja Militia.
Victims in Daugavpils.

The same destiny befell Valmiera as well.

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