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      In those few words hid the most terrible cynicism of the Bolsheviks. From the very beginning of the administration of the invaders information about the first arrests spread like a fire. Instead of recidivists, criminal offenders, Bolshevik agents, spies, illegals and the traitors released from imprisonment, the cells of the prisons were filled with Latvian patriots. If Latvian security guards were arrested for the fact that when executing their official duties of maintaining order on streets subject to the spontaneous activities the Yids and a mob stirred up by them, then every other Latvian was put in prison just because he was wearing a soldier's, Border Guard's or National Guard uniform, that he was managing some Latvian government institution, that he litigated according to existing laws and at the least only for the fact that he clearly and bravely announced his belonging to the Latvian people. Yet at the same time, Bolsheviks dogma was announcing the equality and brotherhood of nationalities!

      Worry and emotion increased within the people. Confused and deeply shattered from experiencing those events prepared so coldly and cynically, it stood at the brink of an unknown future feeling the nearness of danger. The invaders' force fought the mistrust and hatred of the people. Revenge will not happen! It had to say that, and it must say so not as a power which wants to grow stronger and to create its authority, for which it is important to acquire the trust of the people, but by using existing and new, deliberately-instigated antagonisms in order to pursue its real purpose:




      Revenge will not happen! In those words were included the most outrageous lies of Bolsheviks, the most dreadful purposes, which were more terrible than any that could be found during entire year of their governing. Behind the trust and obedience which should have been established by those words hid the real purpose of the Bolsheviks - to destroy the Latvian people.



      On the 26th International Bolshevik Youth day, Latvia was forced to perform again. Young people from the schools were driven on the streets by compulsion: the Bolsheviks needed to demonstrate to the world that the nation and especially young people understand and love the new time, that it «freely and without force is expressing its joy in the establishment of Soviet Authority». Forced demonstrations were the best way to create such a false effect. Streets were filled with propaganda mock-ups made in the Yiddish taste and color schemes (right), for the making which enormous sums of money were spent. And again, the ones who screamed the loudest, who expressed fervent joy, again were the Yids - the Chosen People, the only truly voluntary demonstrators ( below).


«Working peasants' land, cattle and inventory will not be touched!»

      And even as new slogans and promises more and more loudly were thrown at the people, no one believed them any longer. No Latvian peasant believed that agriculture will be protected from Soviet circumstances. Their hands hung down because they saw their destiny. Therefore the Bolsheviks had to lie by force in order somehow to hide their purposes. the Minister of Agriculture was doing this fairly willingly.

Land division commission executing its activity.

      The Latvian peasant learned to experience that he should not be disappointed in his foreboding: landless peasants were granted 10 hectares each at the cost of the former land owners. Commissions drove into the countryside and withdrew from their land, cattle and inventory as much as was decided to give to a new land owner - enough that his farm would not be able to survive. The result of this transition needed to be a collective farm. In such a manner a total of 10,140 farms were looted.


«For Marx's - Engels' - Lenin's - Stalin's ideal...»

Quickly, deliberately, purposefully and against a plan worked out by Moscow, the poison of Bolshevism was flooded even deeper into the body of the bound nation, even more and more directly endangering the real bearer of the life of the people and the proof of its strength- the spirit. Along with screaming propaganda which overwhelmed people in loud demonstrations, importunately and persistently clamoring from glaring posters and newspaper columns, the ideas of Bolshevism fed through very well thought out pathways were introduced also into schools, higher education institutions and reached even the Latvian University, by this manner subjecting to the dangerous power of those ideas all of the youth - the healthiest and most positive power of any people. The department of Marxism-Leninism - the new «science» not recognized anywhere in the world was founded. The Faculty of Theology faculty and the Department of Philosophy were closed, old and respected teachers were discharged or arrested and in their place new ones whose only education was certified by the diploma of «The Red Professorate Institute» were attracted. This institution prepared specially-trained men for the propagation of Bolshevistic ideas, who many times did not even know how to properly write, but their tenure was determined according to how long they had belonged to the Party and the years spent imprisoned ...
Those men were chosen to be turned into the teachers and leaders of the Latvian young people...
Along with the changes mentioned the Union of Latvian Communist Youth was founded, the task of which was to Bolshevise Latvian young people. In order to do this job properly it was decided to damage young people from childhood which was tried to be achieved by involving them in the newly-founded Pioneers Organization.
The wave of absurdity, lies and abuse washed over factory workers and institutional employees also: work according to a schedule and plan was started - these were systems never to be fulfilled in life and completely useless; the Stachanoviesi Movement was invented - this was an artificially created fever for searching for the increase of labor productivity and technical innovations; a system for competition in labor productivity among enterprises and factories was founded - that was the most cruel falsification of the workers' wishes and the means for exploitation where instead of the 8 hour workday established by the Bolsheviks themselves, oftentimes it made people work twice as long; the Shock Workers Movement was established - that terrible tool to suck out the working capability of laborers...
At the same time, taking care about the destruction of moral and physical strength, Bolshevik institutions started to ruin the basis for the material and economic life of the people: from depositors their savings in banks and saving accounts were taken away, in this way effecting the small, self-sacrificing plodder - saver, took away buildings, nationalized industry and transport, reached out their hands for the peasant's land, the craftsman's tools and city resident's household possessions.
and all of this together was called «the struggle for a better future», «the struggle for the Marx's - Engels' - Lenin's - Stalin's ideal»...
The tentacles of Bolshevism were grasping deep inside the body of the people. There could be only one result - mental disability and stupidity, physical weakness and exhaustion- the true preconditions for the status of the slave to begin with and then for the status of an animal.

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